Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Fever

Nothing compares to The Academy Awards. It's a night that is filled by people with unimaginable talent. The Oscars only air once a year, and you can bet your butt I'll be sitting in front of the television zoning out everything around me. I don't get how some people think that the Oscars is "overrated" and serve no purpose whatsoever. I mean, have they seen the Oscars? Obviously not. This is the night that the Academy honors people with the most prestigious acting award in the ENTIRE world. Yes, the ENTIRE world. Just watching the Academy Awards gives me goosebumps. There really is something quite magical about it, isn't there? I love watching all the glamourous people strutting their stuff on the red carpet. The Oscars is also a big night for fashion. I can promise you that the next day everyone will be talking about the best and worse dressed actresses. The Oscars have the potential to make or break a designer. 
Here are my top favorite dresses (not in any particular order) from this dazzling night. I have also included my favorite dressed male. 

Aren't these just to die for? I adore and love, love, love everyone single one to pieces! Especially Cate Blanchett's, and Mila Kunis's gowns. 

How does a review of The King's Speech sound for the next blog post? 

Until next time, ciao! 

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