Friday, May 20, 2011

Films Galore

Everyone that knows me personally KNOWS  I'm such a film fanatic. I love sitting down (or going to the theater) to watch a genuinely good film. Here's a taste of what is coming to theaters soon. Honestly I can't wait to see them. I've linked a website on top of each movie poster that will automatically take you to view the trailer. 

I would highly recommend fellow movie goers to also check out: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and BridesMaids. I've seen both and was very pleased. They are great films that are both very witty, and funny. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Summer Delight

Yes, I'm in love......with a purse. Sad? I think not. I'm loving long shoulder purses right now, and when I spotted this purse in a store called, Bijuju, I knew I would be taking it home with me. The purse was originally about $40, but luckily I had a birthday coupon that I had received from them in the mail which gave me a whopping 50% off of one purchase. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. So the total came to about $20. You can't get any better than that. I've been using it everyday. It's so durable and very well made. It has a bit of a antique feel to it. It's definitely a purse that has plenty of character. 

Here's the link to Bijuju. They have lots of different purses. If you want a purse that no one else will have, I would definitely recommend this place. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Pair

With Summer upon us, everyone will soon begin to look for their perfect pair of summer sunglasses. I absolutely love mine. I haven't seen anyone else with them! I purchased them at Forever 21 for a mere $6. You can't beat that. That's practically a steal. I've been really digging the trend of the rounder sunglasses. I needed to find a pair that would give me a break from my usual ray-ban wayfarers (even though I still love them). I think every girl needs that perfect pair. Sunglasses can easily add so much "punch" to an outfit. When I'm being lazy and don't feel like doing my make-up, I slap on my sunglasses and add a pop of color on my lips, and BAM, ready for the day. 

Here's a taste of some other sunglasses that I've been dying to get my hands on. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trend: Ombre Highlights

I'm really digging these Ombre Highlights that Hollywood has been flaunting lately. I think I might just give them a try. I love the bohemian feel to them. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Review: Big Bounce Shadows

I think I make a trip to the MAC cosmetics counter at least once week to gander at the new products. I seriously look like a kid in a candy store. Is it bad that all the girls that work there know my name? I'm such a makeup fanatic. MAC has debuted a new collection that is called,  FLIGHTY. Let's just say it's pretty damn awesome. But isn't everything MAC creates pretty awesome? I took particular liking to the Big Bounce Shadows. The shadow is packaged the same as paint pots are, but are a completely different consistency. Big Bounce Shadows are "mousse-like" that spread and blend SO easily. I do find though that they dry very fast when you blend them out over the lid. They come in a variety of colors ranging from your basic neutrals to the bold and beautiful colors. I personally really have enjoyed these shadows. They are great for slapping on in a rush, and with a touch of mascara can really brighten your eyes up. I also tired them as a highlighter on the cheeks, and they just give enough shine for the light to pick up on. What I really like about the shadows is that with just one sweep of it on the lid makes it look like you blended shadows together for hours to perfect it. The shadow made my lid look very "gleamy" and "glossy", which is a very in look right now. Don't worry about the hot summer days to come because this shadow can withstand anything. It didn't budge at all throughout the day. That's a major plus in my book. I purchased two of the shadows from the collection. Yes, I have been one of them everyday since.

Big Bounce Shadow: Up the Ante!

Big Bounce Shadow: Reward Yourself

Friday, May 13, 2011

Movie Night: Judd Apatow Style

I LOVE movie nights. Movie nights are a staple at my apartment, especially now that summer is here. There's nothing like lounging around in your sweats, eating the most un-healthy food and popping in a movie. This "movie night" segment is something I plan on doing a lot in future blog posts. When I'm  in the mood for a good laugh I automatically turn to these comedy movies. Enjoyed best with soda, candy, and popcorn.

Judd Apatow is pretty much the coolest kid to kick back with in Hollywood. He has produced and directed some of Hollywood's most successful comedies. He never fails to disappoint me whether he acted as a producer, writer, or director of a movie. His movie's are constantly quoted, contain crude humor, and are always an instant hit among theater goers.

A road trip that is full of drunken nights and constant banter between Jonah Hill and Russell Brand.

Jason Segel, Russell Brand, AND Mila Kunis...enough said.

I'm a sucker for Seth Rogan, not to mention he's incredibly sexy to me. These two characters begin a unlikely friendship all to the thanks of Mary Jane herself.  

Because of Will Ferrel, Ron Burgundy is a household name. 

I can quote every line from this movie. That says something.  40 year old men acting like 5 year olds, classic. 

By far my FAVORITE comedy movie ever. At least HALF my jokes can be traced back to this movie. This movie is full of high school memories. 

Steve Carrell perfects a naive 40 year old virgin. Will he FINALLY lose his virginity? Watch the movie, and trust me you'll see. 

In theaters this Friday: Brides Maids 
Finally, a chance for women to shine in an rated R raunchy comedy. Who says women can't curse, drink, and act like men? Judd Apatow sure didn't. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You taste like Whiskey when you kiss me, I'll give anything again to be your baby doll

current slight obsessions.

a summer staple for my nails: China Glaze (Re-fresh Mint)

feather extensions: got some, love them

channel your inner hippie

when Tina Fey writes a book, you read it

i want his wardrobe for myself. who is cooler than Johnny? nobody.

out of this world coffee mugs

i'm an avid and dedicated blog reader, and Dulce is my favorite for sure

born this way: the album 
MAY 23rd.
don't be a drag, just be a queen

my face needs to breathe in the summer, so I turn to Bobbi's tinted moisturizer

Plenty more to come. Stay tuned as always. Suggestions are MORE than welcomed!