Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Pair

With Summer upon us, everyone will soon begin to look for their perfect pair of summer sunglasses. I absolutely love mine. I haven't seen anyone else with them! I purchased them at Forever 21 for a mere $6. You can't beat that. That's practically a steal. I've been really digging the trend of the rounder sunglasses. I needed to find a pair that would give me a break from my usual ray-ban wayfarers (even though I still love them). I think every girl needs that perfect pair. Sunglasses can easily add so much "punch" to an outfit. When I'm being lazy and don't feel like doing my make-up, I slap on my sunglasses and add a pop of color on my lips, and BAM, ready for the day. 

Here's a taste of some other sunglasses that I've been dying to get my hands on. 


  1. Since I have still not found mine that I left in Jacksonville, I am thinking this weekend will be the weekend to go get some.. Trip to Forever 21? Yes, please!

  2. you left yours in Jacksonville? :( that's terrible! um you got my number give me a ring :)